NDIS Reviews – what you need to know

Recommendation when you are dealing with NDIS – have support.

Have support from someone who’s not emotionally involved and knows how to navigate the NDIS.

I thought I had a pretty good handle on things. I had made a few assumptions that ended up being wrong. I also had an amazing Support Co-Ordinator – through no fault of her own – who was not available to lead me through the meeting and prep work required. She probably would have picked up what I ended up missing.

When you are a carer, there are things that you do that is over and above what other people do. And you get to the point where you don’t even realise it. And it’s not until later that someone points that out, that what goes on isn’t normal, that you start to realise.

So when it comes to telling NDIS what your person that you care for needs, if they don’t understand the full situation, then what you are requesting can seem like overstretching. It can seem unreasonable.

So 3 key things…

* No matter how good you think your negotiation skills are, this is personal for you. Take someone who can advocate for and with you. Have someone that can take in information that you miss.

* Spend time thinking about all the things that you do over and above what a *typical* family member would do to care for your person.

* Think about all the other extenuating circumstances. Are you caring for other people? Are you navigating a rough road? Have things changed dramatically since your last review?

And a BONUS thing… remember that your planner talks to hundreds of people a year. They may not remember your personal circumstances, that’s assuming you get the same one!! Always have a summary of what your household looks like and what your person’s informal support looks like. If you are there only informal support, then that’s a concern!

Hope this is helpful

Kelly xx

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