Hi there!  Welcome to One Awesome Woman!

I’m Kelly, a self-confessed Facebook addict! I’m always surprised by the connections it brings to our lives and the opportunity to share our life, faith, and businesses with the world. I’ve met some truly amazing people that I would have never met without this great resource. 

I’m also a wife to an amazingly supportive man and we have 2 rambunctious boys with complex needs. I love Lady Grey tea and can talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles and I get great joy out of finishing people’s sentences with a song lyric. Supporting & uplifting other women (just like a bra) in their journeys forward is my absolute passion. 

Here at One Awesome Woman, we specialise in helping people get their flow happening and help create something that truly reflects:

who they are,

what they have to offer,

in a way that works for them,

without overwhelm. 

There is a place for everyone to be supported and helped through the overwhelm and not feel like they are failing, because really, there is enough negativity in this world as it is! 

So, welcome!  My community and I welcome you with open arms.  


Let’s book a chat to see if we are a good fit.  You can do that here