Complex family support

Are you dealing with a complex family and running a business at the same time? Possibly someone with a disability, or you are a single parent? Talk to someoneone who really gets what it's like to be in your shoes.

1:1 support sessions

Because we don't always want to air our dirty laundry out with everyone else, I offer 1:1 sessions where you can just be real and not worry about others judging you

Running a business?

If you've got some complexities going on in your life and you need someone who understands neuro diversity, look no further. I offer coaching for those who identify as neurodiverse to help you have a successful business that works FOR you!

Ongoing support?

Sometimes we just need to know there is someone in our corner we can call on when we need to. Offering both 3 month and 6 month VIP options, you will never have to navigate through tough stuff alone again.

VIP with regular Messaging

Because sometimes talking can be hard, When you are a VIP with One Awesome Woman, you get the benefit of having access through messaging as well as 1:1 online sessions

No Insta Perf*ct life here

I'm all about real lfe! You can find lots about my life, the struggles and the things I find helpful on my Facebook page. And no, I don't generally use #blessed on my posts either.

No Insta Perf*ct life here