The benefits of scheduling posts

The benefits of scheduling posts

Hi there!

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am at the moment to have some scheduled posts going in my rotation on facebook.  Today I have been taken out with a cold – not much more than that, and my 6 year old decided that it was a great night last night to have a rave party from about 2am until I think about 5.30am.

So, if for no other reason than that, I’m grateful that I can show up in your newsfeed, give you information and unless you have read this blog post, you don’t even know I’ve spent the afternoon lying in bed curled up with my cat watching trashy tv while I allow my body to have the rest it needs to recover.

(This is not me. It’s not my cat either. Though my cat did look at me with daggers when I dared to sneeze while he was sleeping next to me. Sheesh! Can’t please anyone these days!)

If you don’t schedule anything, and life gets busy (as it always does), what do people see of you?…






Scheduling is super easy.  When you write your post on your page, there’s a little down arrow right there next to the publish button. Go ahead and click on that, and you will get a few options. Click on “shedule” then you can put in the time and date that you want that post to go out.  You can currently schedule up to 6 months out.   It’s a great way to make sure your audience knows about the things that you have on offer that are always available.

What are some things you can schedule?

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